Feb 26 2016

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Experience 360 Video

When photospheres were first introduced, it opened the doors to a new interactive user experience, while becoming a standard feature with Google Maps. Working with a similar DNA to photospheres, 360 video takes it to the next level, as it offers the same level of interaction within a video. Viewers can pan and rotate, while watching the video from different angles. To illustrate with an example, check out this 360 video:

As you can see, the motion handle is located in the upper left hand corner. The video above was captured with the Samsung Gear 360 and the quality is actually pretty solid. With newer cameras on the market, it’s making it that much easier to pick up a decent camera under the $500 mark. In addition, YouTube’s decision to fully support 360 video enables site owners to embed a 360 video in just a few clicks.

For more information on uploading 360 videos, click here. It will be interesting to see how 360 video evolves over time, especially the level of interaction.

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