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Here are some projects that I have worked on, most of which are related to Web design and development. Taking a project from concept to completion is a process and it requires careful planning and an understanding of the client’s needs, audience and budget.

If you are interested in exploring new ways to build or refine your online presence, please contact me.

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“I want to thank my colleagues at AMU and UCLICK for their support, especially tech guru Carl Ferrara, who showed me the Way of the Blog.” — David Stanford, Editor, (click here to view)

“Carl Ferrara was my go-to guy for the past few years for everything relating to the Pooch Cafe blog, website, GoComics, and everything else in that vein. He was instrumental in helping me set things up, comprehend the sticky parts, and solve any problems that arose. He also helped me with the Pooch Cafe widget and Iphone set up. He was always great at working around any road blocks and always seemed to have the newest best solutions for marketing and for just making things run better. I’m going to miss being able to work with him, he’s an amazing asset to have on any team.”

— Paul Gilligan, creator of Pooch Cafe comic strip

“I have contracted Carl over the past five years to assist us with web development of our company web sites. His most recent work can be viewed on our sister company’s web site, His design skillset and ability to think “outside the box” is incredible. He does amazing work for us, although our marketing budget for Ultravac Solutions is weak at best. Carl never hesitates to make recommendations to take our sites to the next level and is always willing to accomodate our needs in a timely manner. Finally, he is very dedicated to whatever it is that he is doing which contributes to his strong work ethic.”
— Kathi Jones, Director of Marketing, KOCH Equipment / Ultravac Solutions

“Cutting edge, creative and always there to help. I found Carl to be a real pleasure to work with as well as a huge help on many of our projects. Carl has a great way of breaking down some complex procedures in ways that some of our less technical clients could understand. Outstanding client relation skills.”
– Mike Hellings, Video Producer, UCLICK

“When I worked with Carl at Grantham University, I found him to be a hard worker who consistently gave 110% each and every day. His positive outlook and never give up spirit was a joy to be around. He did a great job launching our social media efforts and engaging our fan base, all while managing other projects and web assets. If you are looking for someone to take your social media to the next level, I would definitely recommend Carl.”
— Johanna Altland, Director of Communications, Grantham University

“Carl is a very dedicated, loyal and helping team player. He is a valuable addition to any team. He is knowledgeable; very solutions oriented. There is no job too small or too big for him to assist you with. He’s just an overall talented, nice guy!”
— Kathie Kerr, Asst. VP, Communications, Andrews McMeel Universal

“Carl has managed two of our sites for quite some time: and He handled everything for our sites: design, animations, image galleries, emails and even troubleshooting my personal computer. I’ve recieved much praise of our sites and have recommended him to other clients as well including the Greenport Gallery Walk. Very professional and extremely patient.”
— Joyce deCordova, deCordova Studio & Gallery

“Carl is a punctual, spearheading individual with a keen knack for coming up with numerous and superb ideas on the spot. Well-versed and knowledgeable in all things web, he is also able to relay that information in the simplest of terms for all parties. Carl influenced all group projects with his viral know-how. Because of Carl, we were able to increase page views and retain customers on two major marketing campaigns for books and apparel brands. I understand viral marketing better because of Carl and his helpful input.”
— Brooke Moore, Licensing and Marketing, Andrews McMeel Universal

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