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Feb 26 2016

Experience 360 Video

When photospheres were first introduced, it opened the doors to a new interactive user experience, while becoming a standard feature with Google Maps. Working with a similar DNA to photospheres, 360 video takes it to the next level, as it offers the same level of interaction within a video. Viewers can pan and rotate, while …

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Jun 20 2015

The Essence of Good Storytelling on Mobile

I love this quote: “Mobile is not about being quicker, but simply better.” It was was pulled from a recently discovered video that was powered by Google’s Unskippable Labs, which features Google’s latest series of experiments around mobile video advertising. Basically, they took Mountain Dew’s Kickstart “Come Alive” commercial and cut it three ways, including …

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Apr 13 2015

New Ways to Use Your iPod Classic

Last year, Apple made the decision to discontinue the iconic iPod Classic line, mainly due to the lack of demand, as well as the associated production costs to keep this player on the shelves at retail stores. It was a logical progression, especially since the iPhone has become the all-in-one media solution – all with …

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Nov 14 2013

Ready for your 5-second Masterpiece? YouTube’s Fan Finder can get you fans for free

Looking to give your YouTube channel a boost for free? YouTube has answered the call with their latest advertising platform, aptly titled Fan Finder. Basically, owners upload their videos to their channel and can transform their video into a TrueVideo ad, the 5-second overlay ad on the video. From there, the viewer has the option …

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Feb 02 2013

YouTube Embed Player Parameters

Embedding a YouTube video on your site or blog is an easy task. By simply clicking on the share/embed option, users can embed YouTube videos anywhere. While there are many basic embed options available, there are some additional embed parameters that allow you to control how the video is played. From hiding the controls to …

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Jan 31 2013

Vine: Packaging your Life in Six Seconds

Twitter, the platform that transformed the way we communicate into 140-character snippets, recently rolled out an iOS mobile application that enables anyone to convey a slice of their life in a 6 second video. Aptly titled, Vine has already hit some records in downloads and shows tremendous potential. After a few minutes of testing this …

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Oct 10 2011

Screen Capturing Just Got a Little Easier with Jing

We all do screen captures-whether it’s to illustrate a point or troubleshoot a problem. However, there are very few free screen capture applications that can capture both video and static screenshots with the ability to share, save and email the captured media. Thanks to a friend, I recently discovered Jing, a FREE screen capture program …

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Jul 30 2011

Playing with Fire

There are many ways to teach science, but to maintain that level of interest in the classroom can be challenge for some teachers. The reason is simple – we all want to be entertained. I recently stumbled upon this video that teaches the laws of physics behind fire, in a fun and creative way, and …

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Feb 11 2011

Format Factory: The Ultimate Media Converter

There are very few FREE converter applications that can convert audio, video, and even images, between the most popular formats. Format Factory is the perfect solution and I have used it to convert across the multitude of formats including WMV, AVI, MPG, MP3, WMA, AAC, JPG, PNG, GIF, and many more. In addition, it also …

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Jan 17 2011

VLC Media Player

There is nothing more frustrating than seeing the Windows Media Player error message indicating that the “media format is not supported” in the player. Here’s your FREE solution: VLC Media Player VLC Media Player is an open source media player and is considered to be one of the world’s best players since it can play …

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May 24 2010

Put Down that Cocktail and Try Handbrake for Video Encoding

For many years, I have used Handbrake for optimizing my movies for my iPod and iPad. Handbrake is a FREE, open-source video transcoder application that makes the process of video conversion an easy task. Available for Mac, Linux and Windows, the interface is really easy with the ability to export to a multitude of video …

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