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Sep 16 2012

Are you ready for Windows 8 or Mountain Lion?

Time to upgrade? For many power computer users, moving on to the latest and greatest OS platform is a way of life. They want to be on the cutting edge and own it. While for others, they are more inclined to wait it out to see how the dust settles and bugs are worked out. …

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Oct 10 2011

Screen Capturing Just Got a Little Easier with Jing

We all do screen captures-whether it’s to illustrate a point or troubleshoot a problem. However, there are very few free screen capture applications that can capture both video and static screenshots with the ability to share, save and email the captured media. Thanks to a friend, I recently discovered Jing, a FREE screen capture program …

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Nov 25 2010

Start Me Up: How to Remove Unwanted Programs on Startup

Ever notice when you first boot up your PC machine, it’s loading all of these applications in the background? Ultimately, this contributes to longer load times and sucking up your memory resources on your system. In most cases, programs are configured to load on startup including new device registration reminders (HP is notorious for this), …

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